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How to install Apache ActiveMQ and use it with Talend

ActiveMQ is an open-source, messaging software which can serve as the backbone for an architecture of distributed applications built upon messaging. In this "how to" I'm going to show you how to install the software at your Windows system. I will also show you how to add a simple XML message to the queue.

How to create random test data in Talend

In some cases you are fortunate that decent test data is available, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Therefore I'm going to show you how you can easily create your own test data. This test data should be good enough for a development phase.

How to install the Hortonworks sandbox on VirtualBox

This article shows you how to install the HortonWorks sandox on Oracle’s VM VirtualBox. Hortonworks is a pre-installed Hadoop environment with a lot of associated technologies included. There are a few other player like Cloudera and MapR. If you are interested in the differences between those players and Hortonworks then read experfy.com.

How to identify tMap errors in Talend

In this “how to” you will see a tMap functionality that makes it a lot easier to debug tMap errors, especially when you are using a lot of data, columns or converts. Before I knew about this functionality I used to spent a lot of time on solving nullpointer exeptions and all kind of convert errors.

How to built a JSON string with arrays in Talend

In this “how to” you are going to learn how to build a job that produces a JSON string that can be stored to disk or sent to a REST API, for example. I have used the tJSONDoc components from the Talend Exchange for this “how to” because Talend Open Studio doesn’t provide an easy component

How to split files depending on column values

This post describes an easy way to split files into separate files depending on the column values of your input input file. When you allways expect the same values u can use the tFilterrow compoment, but when the values are different each time it’s a lot easier to do it this way.

How to use Talend community components

In most cases Talend Open Studio offers you the right components to do the trick, but in some cases you might need some extra magic. Talend enables you to acces a list of all community components at Talend Exchange. You can download and install the components to use them later in your Job designs.

How to validate a csv header

This post describes an easy way to check if the column header of a .csv file matches the requirements. You can download the sample HowToCheckCsvHeader.csv and use it to build your own job.

How to enable tHashInput and tHashOutput

The tHash (tHashInput and tHashOutput) components are very usefull to use in your jobs. Talend does not automatically enable these components for use in jobs. To enable the tHashInput and tHashOutput components perform the following instructions: 1: On the main menu navigate to File –> Edit Project properties 2: Select Designer –> Palette Settings 3: