How to split files depending on column values

This post describes an easy way to split files into separate files depending on the column values of your input input file. When you allways expect the same values u can use the tFilterrow compoment, but when the values are different each time it’s a lot easier to do it this way.

How to use Talend community components

In most cases Talend Open Studio offers you the right components to do the trick, but in some cases you might need some extra magic. Talend enables you to acces a list of all community components at Talend Exchange. You can download and install the components to use them later in your Job designs.

How to validate a csv header

This post describes an easy way to check if the column header of a .csv file matches the requirements. You can download the sample HowToCheckCsvHeader.csv and use it to build your own job.

How to enable tHashInput and tHashOutput

The tHash (tHashInput and tHashOutput) components are very usefull to use in your jobs. Talend does not automatically enable these components for use in jobs. To enable the tHashInput and tHashOutput components perform the following instructions: 1: On the main menu navigate to File –> Edit Project properties 2: Select Designer –> Palette Settings 3:

How to add encoding to a Talend batch file

When you are experiencing encoding issues when executing your Talend job at the server or by executing the .bat file then you have to add the following code to your .bat file or project properties. Code to add: I have used utf-8 in this example but you can use every type of encoding. Example code

How to convert between different datatypes

The following table is a set of Java and Talend methods that allow conversion between different datatypes. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but will cover many of type conversions that you will encounter. You can use them in the tMap, tXMLmap or tJava component for example.