How to install the Hortonworks sandbox on VirtualBox

This article shows you how to install the HortonWorks sandox on Oracle’s VM VirtualBox. Hortonworks is a pre-installed Hadoop environment with a lot of associated technologies included. There are a few other player like Cloudera and MapR. If you are interested in the differences between those players and Hortonworks then read The Hortonworks environment that you are going to install will be fully accessable from your Talend Open Studio for Big Data, but first you have to follow the steps below.

1. Install virtualbox

In this “how to” we will use virtualbox, but you could also choose for using VMware or Docker.

  • Go to  and press “Download VirtualBox”. The screen might look slightly different in your case but this depends on the moment you’re reading this “how to”.

Hadoop VirtualBox

  • Choose the right version for your operating system.

Hadoop VirtualBox versions

  • Install VirtualBox by pressing next/next/next/ok etc.
  • You don’t have to start the VirtualBox yet, because you are going to import the Hortonworks sandbox first after downloading.

2. Download and install the HortonWorks sandbox

Make sure you have enough free space available at your local machine because the Hortonbox is about 11 gb big and needs 8gb RAM.

ortonWorks Sandbox download

  • Open the download and click the import button when your download is finished

VirtualBox import HortonWorks

  • After the import has finished just select the “Hortonworks Docker Sandbox HDP” environment and click the start button

Start Hortonworks Docker Sandbox

  • It took me approximately 15 minutes before I saw the following screen.

Start Hortonworks Docker Sandbox_started

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Explore the Hortonworks Data Platform (make sure you disabled your popup blocker)

Explore the Hortonworks data platform

  • Use maria_dev as username and password

Hortonworks signup

  • You will see the Ambari Sandbox

Ambari sandbox

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