How to use Talend community components

In most cases Talend Open Studio offers you the right components to do the trick, but in some cases you might need some extra magic. Talend enables you to acces a list of all community components at Talend Exchange. You can download and install the components to use them later in the Job designs you carry out in the Studio.

How to install?

There are 2 ways to download and install these components.

1. Download them from the studio

  • Click the “Exchange” button in Talend open studio

Talend open studio only shows community components that are compatible with your current version of Talend studio. My experience is that this option is very slow so I prefer to install them manually.

Talend exchange from studio

Follow this link to see the instuctions

2. Download and install them manually

  • Visit the Talend Exchange website, pick your component, check if it’s compatible with your current version of Talend Studio and dowload it!
  • Unzip your download
  • Create a talend_components directory in your Talend folder
  • Move your unzipped folder to your created talend_components folder
  • Go to Window –> Preferences –> Talend –> Components (in talend open studio)
  • Select you talend_components folder
  • Restart the studio and you will see your component in your palette

select components folder in Talend Open Studio




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